Examining Different Popular Aquarium Water Purifiers or Filters

The Aquarium Shop

As far as aquarium water purifiers are concerned, there are different versions available and have different benefits for different users. There are different disadvantages as well, but in this post, we will be mulling upon the benefits, features and advantages that they have.

Let us review some of the most popular versions available and the first is Aquarium Filters

Aquarium Filters

As far as Aquarium Filters are concerned, they have several advantages and most of them work in combination to complement each other. This is because in case, the first product fails, the second one would be there to keep interiors clean.

The Under Gravel Version

Next in the list of the best aquarium water purifiers is that one that sits under the gravel. This is actually an old, standby version that works very dynamically. It separates the fish waste from ammonia and nitrite to less harmful nitrates. The drawback is its poor mechanical filtration that has to engage in the removal of organic and inorganic debris. Another drawback is that it does not perform chemical filtration, despite some of them having carbon cartridges. This deficiency in its efficiency has been proved over and again with the help of saltwater aquarium test kits.

The experts that supply bulk fish food pellets say that still, if you are willing to use this version, you need to go with HOB [Power Filter] as its compliment. The reason is that they have a better mechanical and chemical filtration.

Hang on back-power filters or aquarium water purifiers

This is actually the version that has been recommended above as a complimentary for the under gravel version. This version is quite popular now and offers high quality mechanical and chemical filtration. In some cases, it is also a very good biological filter as well. However, not all models are competent in offering this biological filtration and therefore, research before purchasing is recommended.


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